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Conviction of a Time Traveler - Discussion
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 11:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Does it have to do with the 1975 IBM computer he was sent to retrieve? So may be he is a video game (alternate reality) programmer/tech or something and making a fictional or sub fictional video world game where there is a civil war and nuclear war. As I've said before that little is known about actual works of fiction or what or if it is a reality or not. As fiction did not use to exist as somebody invented fictious story line. I said that their are probably two world where one is reality and the other is fiction. He says also that he would have a noodle explaining future technology as he compares it to explaining a jet engine in 1900 AD. So maybe they have developed some type of artificial realm of reality. 'Tron' may be. May be we will just now discover it and find it is a better world then our own and all start to immigrate there. You know he gets frustrated and says he can't change the future anymore than you or me but we seem to destroy it all by ourselves. Again I am guessing that there is some type of technical error in this future technology and may be everybody is stuck inside of it and it is on the verge of collapse. Shocked You see if you just spark a match in an alternate reality it automatically instrumentates a past. I bet that they created a world without no past and know it is collapsing. So they are trying to inject the real worlds past into it to save it but then they realized that the two can not coexist as the exact same and kaboom! Just like two dimensions that cannot parallel each other. May be like that the other realmers are or were curious about computers of today and trying to do the same thing to cross over to our side. So he gets the old computer and replaces it so that the timeline of computers does not happen. They then are not the brightest of computer technology. Arrow I have also noticed that there is a whim in today's computers. As of pentium 4 is the highest they have made. In making quad or dual core computers they are just pentium 4's that are woven together. Rolling Eyes

The way he sounds like he's saying and what he did could be that there is a world of the dead in the future. All the people that die in a civil and nuclear war that the population of the dead out number the living. May be they are crossing over to other side from death to life. They could be trying to contain a wall from them doing so. For one when you get into computers and technology you often overlook it's uses in the paranormal. A funny example is in 'Futurama' where there's a graveyard and they have a tech device on it that keeps the dead or from their ghosts from haunting. Laughing Yup, the future is probably a Hell on Earth.

Could be that they are trying to assure that the past doesn't change and that time travel is NOT successful. I would not never put my trust in anybody from the future! Especially one who is decietful.
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